Carterwood launch technology platform providing access to millions of markets

There are over 1.2 million postcodes in England and Wales and over 10,000 registered elderly care homes. Carterwood Analytics is an online platform providing users with the ability to assess all of these elderly care home markets.

A great care home market is influenced by a few key factors: demand, existing supply, wealth and, crucially, planned supply. However, assessing all of these factors can take a long time and today’s market moves quickly, so being able to prioritise the best opportunities has never been more important.

Carterwood Analytics is the result of a significant research and development programme, and provides instant high-level market analysis for funders, developers, operators and advisers, using market leading data, which Carterwood sources, cleans and researches.

The subscription-based platform offers instant access to millions of markets across England and Wales. Subscribers can monitor and track market activity and evaluate multiple markets to determine the best opportunities for operating, developing or acquiring development sites or care homes.

Ben Hartley, Carterwood co-founder, said, “We’ve a reputation for being innovators at Carterwood, and Carterwood Analytics really is next generation thinking. We wanted to provide a way to instantly evaluate the characteristics of any given market, and Carterwood Analytics does just that. Having good data is key in decision making and we are constantly trying to add new metrics and improve data quality to maximise insight. Our platform gives an instant, high-level picture of just how strong, or competitive, an opportunity might be, which allows our clients to concentrate their resources in the right locations. We’ve had brilliant feedback so far, and are glad to say that our new product is already making an impact”.

To arrange a free trial, contact Carterwood Analytics by telephone: 08458 60977, or email:

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