Carterwood launch new ‘Fast-track’ report


When our clients told us that they needed market analysis advice quicker… guess what we did?

We rallied our team of innovators and revolutionised our market analysis to bring you our new Fast-track reports. We reviewed every aspect of our advisory reports to make them:

  • more useful
  • faster to produce
  • more cost effective.

From optimising the way they’re produced to reviewing the data and advice they contain, and even giving them a facelift, we’ve reinvented them from the ground up.

Delivering elderly care home fees, funding-mix and fill-rate advice, as well as retirement living pricing advice, in as little as two days, our new Fast-track reports include the same expert sector-specialist advice, powered by market-leading data, but delivered up to five times faster and for 30% less cost to you.

Our Fast-track reports are a game changer, transforming your due diligence process and helping you to make better decisions, sooner and for less initial investment.


Keen to find out more?

Explore our Fast-track report for the elderly care home sector   

Explore our Fast-track report for the retirement living sector


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