Carterwood launches new staffing and dementia analysis

We are delighted to announce the launch of our staffing and dementia analysis for older people’s care homes. Our bespoke, site-specific analysis will help operators mitigate risk and respond to the opportunities presented by the staffing crisis and demand for specialist dementia care.

Our new staffing analysis report provides a detailed study of a new development’s proposed staff catchment area, to help reduce the risk of investing millions of pounds into a new care home, only to be unable to recruit sufficient staff. Available as part of our market assessment report, or as a report in its own right, the analysis also considers how to reduce potential spend on agency staff, how to maximise the opportunity to recruit staff, and what the financial implications of the development decision on the operating cost base could be.

Our dedicated dementia analysis offers new and previously unavailable data about specialist dementia provision. With comprehensive national information in relation to dedicated dementia beds, we analyse provision in a specified location to give an accurate competitive picture for decision making. Our dementia analysis can be used for strategic reviews where reconfiguration to dementia care is being considered, or for acquisition purposes. It is available as part of our market assessment report and as a report in its own right.

Co-founder and director of Carterwood, Ben Hartley, says: “Staffing and dementia are two of the biggest issues in social care today. We have responded with an innovative, detailed analysis of Great Britain’s care home staffing market, and with an extensive dementia provision survey into more than 10,000 care homes across the UK. The care home market is competitive and changing. Access to site-specific data is an essential prerequisite for planning and due diligence. Our new staffing and dementia data is unique to Carterwood and provides an unrivalled level of market intelligence.”

For more information or to commission a staffing and/or dementia analysis, please call us on 08458 690777 or email


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