Walking the world – one wellness step at a time

Promoting wellness in the workplace is a win–win endeavour, with benefits including better employee satisfaction and health, alongside improved productivity. Carterwood’s Social and Wellness committee was formed following the success of the company’s #10410 series of events, which celebrated Carterwood’s first 10 years of providing market leading advice. The committee promotes health and happiness in the workplace, and has been busy in 2019 organising social events, championing causes and generally making sure everyone is having a happy and healthy time at work.

While the committee have been more than happy to organise ice cream rounds for the team when the temperatures soared this summer, and have brought back The Great Carterwood Bake Off, improving team health and encouraging people to get outdoors and be active was identified as a key focus for the year.

To help motivate the team, a challenge was set for the company to “circumnavigate” the globe – over 40,000 kilometres to be completed without the aid of an engine! A little competition never hurt anyone, and everybody at Carterwood loves a map and a spreadsheet full of data, so the team are totting up their miles of activity each week – walking, cycling and swimming! Weekly ‘Where in the world?’ team emails are tracking the team’s progress and provide fascinating insights into different cultures, with top facts and figures and links to interesting articles. To make sure that we don’t run out of energy on this mammoth journey, the committee have hosted themed lunches relating to our location – who doesn’t enjoy a break watching David Attenborough documentaries or eating an Indian take-away?

The team have currently covered 28,860 kilometres, reaching South Africa, and with only a few months left to complete the challenge, we need to keep striding out (or in some cases pedalling away). We might even manage to squeeze in some French bread and cheese as we approach the Channel on the way back home to the office, hopefully in plenty of time for a well-earned Christmas sit down!

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