What’s it like to work at Carterwood?

Whether you’re fresh out of university or have several years’ experience, making the decision to apply for a job is a big one. To help you understand what it’s like to work at Carterwood, we’ve spoken to three employees who each have a unique story to share.

Today, we’re sharing our interview with principal analyst, Aishling Barrett:

1. Why did you choose to apply for a job with Carterwood?

I finished my master’s degree knowing I didn’t want to stay in the same field, but I wanted a job that was engaging and that used the skills I developed during my study. This included elements of data analysis and GIS and report writing. While I knew nothing about the care sector when I applied, it looked like a job that would fit the bill. The personal approach of the company during the recruitment process was unlike any other job I had applied for, which positively impacted how I viewed the company before I got the job.

2. You joined Carterwood in 2016. How’s it gone so far?

Time has gone so fast – I’ve learnt so much and been given the opportunity to try my hand at so many different things across the business. The support for new starters is great and this gave me a good footing to tackle the day-to-day job while also progressing my career into areas that I find interesting. In the last 3 years I’ve had the opportunity evolve my role from data analysis towards advisory report writing, which has been a great challenge and really rewarding.

3. How would you describe the office environment?

Busy, busy, busy: the office is a hive of activity. And the great thing about an open plan office is that you’re always involved in everything going on, whether its rugby sweepstakes or ice creams.

4. What’s the team like to work with?

The team at Carterwood is really supportive and friendly. There’s a real wealth and diversity of knowledge and everyone is always happy to help with anything.

5. What’s surprised you the most?

The thing that’s surprised me the most is the amount of responsibility that I’ve been given. I had always assumed it would a long time before you were given control of your work, but I‘ve been given the opportunity to push myself to try new things and take ownership for my own projects.

6. What’s been your most valuable lesson so far?

I’m much better at Excel formulas than I used to be! No really, there’s a no blame culture at Carterwood, owning up to your mistakes is so important.

7. What do you love about what you do?

I love that every day is slightly different, and I love the challenge. I don’t think I would be as happy in a job that didn’t give me as much to think about.

8. Has your experience at Carterwood changed your career plans/aspirations?

I don’t think I came out of university with particular career plans and aspirations. I think I have developed more of a drive to build my career since starting at Carterwood, seeing the opportunities available to me now and in the future.

9. What’s the social life at Carterwood like?

The social life at Carterwood is great – everyone in the team gets on really well and we all socialise together, regardless of department or job title. There are two big organised events each year, one at Christmas and one in the summer, and several impromptu trips to the local pub for a drink to celebrate achievements and events. Since the start of 2018 I have got really stuck in with the organising of social events for the company, which has been a great opportunity alongside my regular work.

10. What tip would you give to anyone looking to apply for a job or placement at Carterwood?

Be genuine and show initiative (and swot up on an Excel formula or two!).



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