A summary of major new
since launch

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  • Self-funded fee data update

    New, quoted self-funded fee rates updated for 9,100 elderly care homes across GB

  • Improved market tracking

    Weekly notifications about changes in your tracked markets direct to your inbox.

  • Self-funded fee data update

    New, quoted self-funded fee rates updated for 9,300 elderly care homes across GB

  • Custom and Excel reports

    Download detailed, customisable reports. Plus, export key market indicators to Excel.

    Detailed staffing and market size data

    View how your staffing and referral markets are distributed across your chosen catchment area at a more granular level.

  • Self-funded fee data

    6,000+ additional self-funded fee records added (97% GB coverage).

    COVID-19 demand impact

    Model the impact of COVID-19 on local demand.

    Regional age-standardised demand

    Assess demand more accurately using regional prevalence rates.

  • Self-funded fee data

    Accurate self-funded fee data for 4,000+ elderly care homes.

    Fee analyser

    Benchmark care markets against different variables quickly and easily.

    Local authority search

    Baseline LA fee rates, private fees, and key market indicators.

  • Demand map view

    Identify how the demand for care home beds is distributed across your chosen market at postcode sector level.

  • Private fee rate data for care homes opened since 1 January 2018*

    The first tranche of private fee rate data for all elderly care categories (minimum and maximum ranges) is now available for all new homes with 25 beds or more that have opened since 1 January 2018. The initial private fee rate dataset comprises just over 200 homes, and will be added to over the coming months. (* The Snapshot 25 package will allow access to private fee rate data during the current subscription only.).

    Operator company name search

    Users can now search for, track and download reports in bulk by operator company name – a significant time saving when assessing your own group or analysing a competitor or potential acquisition.

    Net promoter score feedback survey

    We have added a 1-click feedback survey, which allow all subscribers to let us know how we are doing and suggest any ways that we can make our product even better. The feedback is not compulsory and will only pop-up every 2 weeks. If this is too frequent, please use the feedback system to let us know!

  • 7-mile catchments included

    You will now be able to assess any market using up to a 7-mile catchment, and any London market using up to a 5-mile catchment!

    Updated demand and population data

    We have adopted population projections for the year 2021 and the latest LaingBuisson Age Standardised Demand metrics, giving you the most up-to-date demand data available.

  • Scotland coverage now included

    The platform now has extended geographical coverage to include Scotland, alongside England and Wales, which is of major benefit to Scottish operators and developers and those wishing to identify and explore Scottish markets.

    Staffing availability and market size

    Thematic mapping to estimate staffing market size.

    Socio-economic wealth indicators

    We now have additional census data to indicate the socio-economic classification (AB, C1, C2 and DE grades) of the population. This data provides an additional indication of the potential to attract private fee rates in any given market.

    Monitor changes in CQC ratings

    Users can now monitor changes in the CQC status of care homes across any of their Tracked markets.

  • Date of first registration data

    This new data shows the date of first registration for over 90% of care homes across England and Wales, providing a valuable indication of care home age and year of construction. This data is usually an indicator of the quality of competition.

    Personalised Key Market Indicator (KMI) panel

    Users can now customise the left-hand panel to display any or all key market indicators. You can now choose from any of the indicators available on Compare, such as ‘Total population’ or ‘Age profile – 85 years+’.

    Bed requirement on all elderly beds

    Users can now assess the balance of provision between demand and supply with all registered elderly beds included (not just based upon en-suite bed capacity). This is particularly beneficial for operators with mixed bed registrations.

    Improved address search capability

    We have now included the town/village/settlement in the search bar, to allow you to find your site or care home more quickly.

    Closed care home tracker

    As well as tracking new homes and registration changes to existing homes, Tracker has been improved to track home closures and Snapshot has been improved to allow you to view the closed home location post de-registration.

    Compare screen is now printable

    Printing of the compare screen is now enabled, allowing more detailed market data to be extracted from the platform.

    Company user management improvements

    The support team can now enable the assignment of different access levels to users, providing greater control of how the platform is used by members of your team. Please contact them to discuss.

  • Quick search on map view

    The quick search feature is used in map view to suggest suitable postcodes for a target location to facilitate a search. The user simply uses the “right-click” button on their mouse on the map view screen, which displays the five nearest postcodes in order to perform a Snapshot search and generate a report. This saves significant time when either the postcode or opportunity name is unknown, or an exact postcode is not required for a high level review of an area.

    Company report history screen

    The primary user can now see a report history of all searches undertaken by the company, including which users have searched for individual postcodes/care homes and when.

    Changes to planning screens

    Planning data is now live, with new build care home applications captured in our dataset and regularly updated. The platform has additional screens to display this data, and the PDF report has been updated accordingly.

    100% in supply filters for en-suites/wetrooms

    This change to the filters for competing homes enables the user to select homes that have either 100% en-suites or 100% wetrooms, to further refine users' assessments of supply quality in the market.

    CQC care categories and ratings

    CQC ratings for all homes are now available in the list view to allow the user to quickly see how each competing home in the market is performing. The competition can be filtered in map view or list view by CQC rating to identify the best or worst performing homes quickly and easily.

  • Planning data for new build care homes

    Planning data is now incorporated into our ‘bed requirement’ calculation under the Key Market Indicators, to enable users to better understand their markets. Where available, planning applications on Carterwood Analytics have a direct link to the original application held on the relevant local authority website. You can use the Tracker functionality to monitor monthly changes to planned schemes in the markets you’re tracking.

    Traffic light priority for searched markets

    Users can now individually assign a “traffic light” priority to markets being analysed. Opportunities can be quickly and easily assigned high, medium and low status. Once assigned, users can track and review these markets in their report history, to quickly find and assess the most important market opportunities in their pipeline.