• "At Cinnamon, we review multiple sites per week and Carterwood Analytics greatly assists our internal decision making process."

    Kenneth MacKenzie, development director, Cinnamon Care Collection

New feature launch

It’s been just 6 months since the launch of Carterwood Analytics, and we’re delighted to have had amazing feedback from our client base. Our team has been working hard to understand from our care home operator, developer and investor clients, the features they would most like to see developed that would add the most value to their experience. After listening to our clients, the development team have been busy implementing new features and data sets to allow access to millions more markets. Details of our latest major feature launch are below.

Scottish data

Scottish data

We have extended the geographical coverage of the platform to include all current and historic postcodes in Scotland. Our care home supply, planning and staffing data is all included so clients developing and acquiring in Scotland can now use Carterwood Analytics to analyse these care home markets.

Staffing data

Staffing data

Our new data and thematic mapping helps to estimate staffing market size. The number of registered nurses and the key demographic target profile for care assistants is calculated automatically for any catchment area. For registered nurses, we also include a breakdown of nationality between domestic, EU and other overseas staff.

CQC tracker

CQC tracker

Following our recent addition of CQC rating data to enable users to better understand the quality of care provided by competitors, our clients can now monitor changes in CQC status for care homes across any of their Tracked markets.

New wealth indicators

New wealth indicators

Our clients have consistently told us that more wealth metrics would be useful to assess development sites. We have now included additional census data to indicate the socio-economic classification (AB, C1, C2 and DE grades) of the population for every catchment in England and Wales – and data for Scotland will be coming soon.

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Carterwood Analytics

  • We analyse dozens of new opportunities each week and Carterwood Analytics helps ensure we spend our time on the right ones.

    Avery Healthcare

    Adrian Doyle, director of developments

  • At Cinnamon, we review multiple sites per week and Carterwood Analytics greatly assists our internal decision making process.

    Cinnamon Care Capital

    Kenneth MacKenzie, development director

  • Carterwood Analytics provides us with a quick and effective way to undertake initial market analysis for care home investment acquisitions.

    Target Fund Managers

    John Flannelly, head of investment

  • Carterwood Analytics helps us understand local markets at a click of a button. It’s a really useful tool for our business!

    Torsion Care Limited

    Marie Buckingham, director

  • The Carterwood Analytics site assessment portal has revolutionised the speed at which we can sift through high volumes of new opportunities, and together with our own extensive market knowledge, it helps us decide which opportunities are most deserving of our time and resources.

    Perseus Land & Developments

    Duncan Ford, managing director

  • As a care home developer, we’re looking to source high quality sites and Carterwood Analytics has allowed us to quickly prioritise the most deliverable opportunities we find.

    Frontier Estates

    Sam Rous, head of healthcare

  • Carterwood Analytics provides us with the high quality data we need to understand the demand for new care homes in any location and make swift decisions.

    Fortwell Capital

    Nick White, associate director

  • Our management team and shareholders trust Carterwood data and analysis for our new developments. The care home and planning data is second to none, which is why we use Carterwood Analytics.

    Maria Mallaband

    Chris Womack, business development director

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