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Welcome to the Carterwood Index | Collab, your quarterly snapshot into elderly care home trading performance, powered by real trading data and sourced from our latest Carterwood Analytics platform, Collab. 

Collab, part of Carterwood Analytics, gives you instant access to real, anonymised, elderly care home trading data, helping you understand true care home trading performance in the markets that matter to you.


Whether you’re acquiring, funding or operating care homes, Carterwood Collab saves you time and removes the guesswork, so you can understand…

  • Occupancy – view the average occupancy rates
  • Average weekly fees – track average weekly fees
  • Funding source – review the percentage of privately funded beds
  • Staffing costs
    • Agency costs – assess the average monthly agency cost of care assistants and registered nurses
    • Staff cost as a percentage of revenue – view the ratio between all staff costs and total revenue
    • Total staff cost per bed – track the average total staff cost per bed
    • Agency staff cost as a percentage of total staff cost – assess to what proportion your agency staff cost is contributing towards your total staff cost
    • Agency staff cost as a percentage of revenue – assess the ratio between all agency staff costs and total revenue

To use, simply hover each graphic to show the datapoints, and toggle to full screen mode to get a closer look (top right button).




All data shown is from Carterwood Analytics | Collab contributors located within Great Britain. Please be aware that the data provided is dynamic and subject to change as our contributing operators evolve over time. The sample, representing between 10-20% of the Elderly Care Home market, is updated quarterly and may vary with each update as new contributors are onboarded. Historical data may also change slightly as the sample evolves. The Collab Index displays a rolling picture of the last 2 years, or 8 quarters, of operator data, at the Great Britain level.

Last updated by KP 30th May 2024.

Sources: Carterwood, Carterwood Analytics | Collab contributors.


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