• Carterwood win Property Consultant award at LaingBuisson Awards 2021

    The Property Consultant award recognises excellence in advising on valuation, consulting, acquisition, sale and financing of healthcare property assets.

  • Developing for the future: private retirement living supply – a snapshot

    Our snapshot of new supply in private older people’s housing across the UK presents vital data about units with and without care, and we’re delighted to share it with you. We explore the growth of the market, the regional distribution, and the characteristics of private older people’s housing.

  • How to price a retirement living scheme

    Pricing a retirement living scheme can be tricky. We are glad to share our guide on how to price a retirement living scheme, and introduce you to a whole new way of tapping into invaluable data that will set you on the right path.

  • CQC Outstanding homes maintain a high self-funded fee premium

    Join us as we examine how quoted self-funded fee rates change when the CQC rating of the elderly care home is considered.

  • Baseline local authority fee rates rise marginally, with some outliers

    Join us as we explore how local authority fees vary around Great Britain and reveal the challenges behind collecting the most comprehensive local authority baseline fee rate data available.

  • COVID mortality rates have no discernible impact on quoted fee uplifts in England

    Correlation analysis indicates no direct relationship between fee rate and proportion of COVID deaths at the individual home level.

  • Homes registered since 2015 retain a significant premium over older homes

    Join us as we share the next chapter of our most recent self-funded fee research and explore how fees break down by age of home.

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We analyse markets in health & social care to help clients make better decisions.

We are dedicated to providing tailored advice and data insight into care homes, older people’s housing and specialist care. Innovative and market leading, our advice redefines the role of the traditional consultant by incorporating high quality data with expert sector-specialist knowledge.

Working in partnership with our clients, we inform and underpin major strategic decisions and performance improvements.

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We analyse markets in health & social care to help clients make better decisions

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