Now Live: Census 2021 population data for England & Wales and new enhanced Market Prevalence Rates

We’re excited to announce that a number of platform changes are now live across our Elderly Care and Retirement Living Carterwood Analytics platforms.

Census data for England & Wales is now based on the latest 2021 figures and we have introduced a more granular and robust method for calculating demand for care home beds across Great Britain as a whole.

• Across Great Britain, the impact of this change is an average marginal increase of 0.16% in demand for elderly care home beds at a local market level.


Key Highlights:

Introduction of Carterwood Market Prevalence Rates (MPR).
This new proprietary methodology allows for a more accurate calculation of demand, offering increased granularity in 5-year age bands and using regional geography.

Population and Demographics Update: Our data now incorporates the recently released Census 2021 data for England & Wales.
This means that population and demand for catchments in England & Wales are now calculated using Census 2021 figures projected forward. Population and demand for catchments in Scotland will continue to be calculated using Census 2011 figures projected forward until all Scottish Census data is available at output area level.
*Output Area level Census 2022 data for Scotland is currently still pending publication

2024 Updates to Population Data and Demand by Carterwood Analytics

How these changes impact you:

Our goal is to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips. Our new MPR methodology, combined with updated population data, enables us to provide you with more precise insights.

You’ll likely notice changes to some ONS Output Areas.
Note that some Output Areas within your catchments may have changed in shape or size, in recognition of newly-built housing and/or notable changes to the local population size.

We’ve made a small visual change too: Simplification of Demand Settings in Key Market Indictor panel.
Now considered redundant, the Pre-Covid / Covid-19 adjusted toggle has now been removed. Continue to use the Demand Base Year dropdown as usual.

Update to Carterwood Analytics Key Market Indicator Panel by Carterwood Analytics

Next Steps:

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We recommend refreshing your recent searches and downloading any reports you would like to review containing Census 2021 data and enhanced Market Prevalence Rates (MPR).

Stay Connected:
If you have any questions or would like to discuss these changes further, feel free to book a Teams call. Alternatively, explore our FAQs on our analytics platforms for additional information.

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