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Revolutionising access to elderly care home trading data

Our Collab initiative is built on the belief that collaboration and data sharing are key to unlocking new opportunities and driving growth in the elderly care home sector


Understand true care home trading performance with instant access to actual, up-to-date occupancy, funding-mix, staffing costs and average weekly fee data for the markets that matter to you

Assess real trading data from elderly care home operators in your markets, with granular insight into registration type, registration date, CQC rating and size



View the average occupancy rates

Average weekly fee

Average weekly fee

Track average weekly fees

Funding source

Funding source

Review the percentage of privately funded beds

Agency costs

Agency costs

Assess the average monthly agency cost of care assistants and registered nurses

Staff cost as a percentage of revenue

Staff cost as a percentage of revenue

View the ratio between all staff costs and total revenue

Total staff cost per bed

Total staff cost per bed

Track the average total staff cost per bed

Agency staff cost as a percentage of total staff cost

Agency staff cost as a percentage of total staff cost

Assess to what proportion your agency staff cost is contributing towards your total staff cost

Agency staff cost as a percentage of revenue

Agency staff cost as a percentage of revenue

Assess the ratio between all agency staff costs and total revenue

  • Access to accurate and up-to-date data is a hugely powerful tool. It is very exciting, therefore, to see the launch of Collab, powered by Carterwood. Collab represents a really valuable contribution to the whole ability of social care providers to make sensible decisions about the development of new services that will meet community needs. By facilitating the sector to work together on this project, Collab shows that we really can be stronger together.

    National Care Forum

    Professor Vic Rayner OBE, Chief executive officer

  • We didn’t pause to take a second look before signing up to Collab. The data will be invaluable for budgeting and will provide additional confidence when benchmarking. The data contribution process is really easy and takes less than 30-minutes.

    Finance director, leading care home operator

  • The data available in Collab is more valuable than we ever anticipated and will be a key tool in benchmarking our portfolio. The platform is easy to use, and the data provision process is seamless.

    Director, leading care home operator

  • We love Collab. The platform is easy to use, simple to contribute data to and we can export the data we need at a click of a button.

    Head of finance, leading care home operator

  • When we saw the Collab data, we knew instantly how significant it would be for benchmarking and forecasting - we have even rescheduled our annual budget meeting to align with Collab data.

    Chief financial officer, leading care home operator

  • Sharing trading data can be a challenging decision, but the data security and anonymity measures installed to safeguard our data gives us confidence that our data is in safe hands with Carterwood.

    Chief executive officer, leading care home operator

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Head of sales and marketing

Emma Roberts

Client success manager

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