Carterwood Index | elderly care homes: Q2 2022 release

Welcome back to our quarterly snapshot of the market as we track the essential market statistics for Great Britain: the Carterwood Index.

In this release, we share our updated research into the size of the elderly care home market, analyse the asset quality of operational homes and take a look at the quality and type of care currently provided.

We also delve into the elderly care home openings and closures over 2021 and into 2022, share our self-funded fee research, update you on the predicted shortfall of en-suite and wetroom elderly care home accommodation in England by 2025 and take a glance at planning statistics from 2021.


Market size


Asset quality




Openings and closures


Fees (Q2 2021 data)






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All figures are GB, unless otherwise stated. Updated 28 April 2022.

Sources: Carterwood, LaingBuisson, CQC, Tomorrow’s Guides.

Due to variances in when our sources update their data, there may be a delay in details being updated in our database and some data may have changed since previous publications. Certain details (including registration categories, registration ID and open status) affect whether or not a home would meet the criteria to be included in this data, and may be subject to these variances and delays.




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