Introducing Enhanced Market Insights with Carterwood Analytics Collab; now with modelled trading data

We’re thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our Collab Analytics platform, bringing unparalleled local market trading analysis to the entirety of Great Britain.

Collab, an extension of our Carterwood Analytics | Elderly Care Home suite, empowers you with access to real trading data from elderly care home operators across your markets, with detailed insights into registration type, registration date, CQC rating, and size.

Expansion & Reach

Over the past year, we’ve expanded Collab’s reach, thanks to the support of our contributing operators. With trading data now available for over 1,800 elderly care homes, our platform has become a unique tool for trading analysis within the industry.

Crucially, our founding members and growth partners have emphasised the necessity of accessing trading data even in areas where coverage from contributors is not yet comprehensive. That’s where our latest update comes into play.

Introduction of Modelled Trading Data

We’re thrilled to introduce modelled trading data to the Collab platform, driven by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. While actual data remains paramount, we can supplement it with modelled trading performance for every location in Great Britain.

This means you now have access to comprehensive local market trading analysis for every location in Great Britain, enriching your strategic decision-making process like never before.

Common FAQs

We understand that the concept of modelled data may be new to some of you. To provide clarity and insight, we’ve created FAQ videos addressing common queries, shared below, to explore at your convenience.

“What is modelled data?”


“What’s the difference between actual and modelled data?”


“How accurate is the modelled data?”


“How often is the modelled data updated?”


“How much can I rely on modelled data?”


“Is my data safe?”


As always, our dedicated team is here to assist you with any questions or enquiries regarding Collab or any other Carterwood Analytics product. Feel free to reach out by email to or by phone on 01454 838038 and we’ll be delighted to help.

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