Staffing market insight and coverage for Scotland – Carterwood Analytics new features

Carterwood are delighted to have launched a feature update to Carterwood Analytics. The latest update is packed full of features, such as Scottish data and staffing data, as requested by our active subscribers.

The Scottish market comprises approximately 850 elderly care homes and some of the best supply quality in the UK. Our research has consistently identified Scotland as having the highest percentage of en-suite provision in the UK, and is currently standing at 83% of all care home supply. In wetroom terms, Scotland is second only to south east England with regard to quality, with 31% of all provision benefiting from a wetroom en-suite. Scotland’s provision has been boosted by the addition of 15 new care homes that have registered with the Care Inspectorate Scotland and opened since January 2018, and developers and operators are racing to add to this figure; our latest research into future supply suggests that nearly 1,800 beds (32 new build schemes) lie in wait in the planning system, having been submitted in 2018 and 2019 by established Scottish and national operators. This activity will no doubt result in increased quality within an already superior market. Carterwood Analytics’ data insight affords our users the means to assess multiple development prospects and track these markets, so they can invest their resources in the best opportunities.

Staff availability/metrics are invaluable to operators and developers, who are seeking to better understand how each of their respective sites/homes are likely to fare in recruiting registered nurses and care assistants. Despite the UK being home to over half a million registered nurses (including those from overseas), fewer than 10% of this nursing pool work in elderly care homes, and with increasing care bed supply numbers and larger care homes being developed, the issue of staffing compounds even further. The impact of these underlying drivers is clearly being felt by our clients; in our recent survey, Carterwood Analytics users reported that staffing data and metrics were vital to address some of the most challenging issues they faced.  To this end, we are delighted to have added staffing market data and mapping to the list of Carterwood Analytics features; providing our clients with instant access to this vital data will help inform their assessment of development sites and care homes across England, Scotland and Wales, removing at least one headache from their decision-making process.

Director Tom Hartley says, “Following a busy quarter, we are thrilled to launch these new features to improve the user experience for our clients. Plans are in place for another big launch in the first half of 2020, so watch this space for the next development of Carterwood Analytics!”

At Carterwood, we have always had a commitment to quality data, and Carterwood Analytics exemplifies this. We provide our users with instant access to the best quality, most meaningful data in a future-proof online platform. We invite you to be part of our mission to revolutionise and challenge the norm; visit our website to sign up for your free trial today!

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