What’s it like to work at Carterwood?

Whether you’re fresh out of university or have several years’ experience, making the decision to apply for a job is a big one. To help you understand what it’s like to work at Carterwood, we’ve spoken to three employees who each have a unique story to share.

Today, we’re sharing our interview with student research analyst, Sam Sefton

1. Why did you choose to apply for a job with Carterwood?

I was actually directed towards the role by my brother. Following further research and glowing references about the company (which I can now confirm!), I decided this would be a really interesting role to apply for.

2.  You joined Carterwood in 2017, what have you achieved during this time?

I’ve been at the company full-time for several months now and it’s been a very fast-paced start to life. I’ve already had a few trips out and been involved in some larger projects. You’re certainly included from the word go.

3. How would you describe the office environment?

Supportive, busy, welcoming.

4. And what’s the team like to work with?

Everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive. The more senior members of the team are always looking to help us progress and develop our skills.

5. What’s surprised you the most?

How much I have been able to get involved as a placement student. I have been treated no differently to any of the graduates, both in terms of work and training.

6. What’s been your most valuable lesson so far?

If you’re not sure of something, always ask!

7. What do you love about what you do?

The variety of the work I have been able to get involved in.

8. Has your experience at Carterwood changed your career plans/aspirations?

It’s certainly opened my mind to an industry that I had not previously considered, given my academic background in economics. It’s surprising how relevant some aspects are!

9. What’s the social life at Carterwood like?

Carterwood is a very sociable company, with twice annual socials and also visits to the local pub every month or so.

10. What tip would you give to anyone looking to apply for a job or placement at Carterwood?

Do your research beforehand but don’t excessively fret about the interview process – no one is looking to catch you out!

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